Longboi VRChat Avatar

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A fluffy Pine Marten/Weasel Avatar, designed & set up for use in VRChat.

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  • Full-body tracking ready
  • VRChat SDK3
  • Facial Expressions (gesture control) & full-face visemes
  • Tail, Ear, and Nose Physics
  • 4K Textures
  • Optional support for Warren's Fast Fur Shader
  • Quest version included
  • All source files (Blender and Substance Painter)
  • User Manual with tutorial information

For additional support, feel free to join our Longboi Discord Server.

Want an easy way to customise your Longboi's look? Check out SkinEdit: Longboi!


Upon purchasing the Longboi, you can do whatever you want with the model, except:

1. You can’t claim that the Longboi is your own work.

2. You can’t redistribute, share, or resell any of the Longboi files.

3. If you want to sell a customisation (e.g. a custom skin or other modification) of the Longboi to someone else, you may only do so if both you and the other person have purchased the Longboi.

4. If you want to upload your Longboi as a Public VRChat Avatar, you need to always include the CreditQuad object (inside the chest) with its material, unchanged from the template Longboi.

You are still responsible for any actions you take or modifications you make involving the Longboi - I cannot be held responsible if an app takes action against you or your account, that's on you.

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You'll get Unity Packages set up for both PC and Quest VRChat, five Substance Painter project files, and the original Blender 3D files.

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Longboi VRChat Avatar

102 ratings
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