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Longboi v2 Released!

The Longboi v2 Update is Out Now

With improvements and upgrades across the board, free for existing Longboi owners!


  • Whiskers!
  • VRChat SDK3
  • All fur tufts textures fully unique & customisable
  • Improved weight painting & fullbody motion
  • More blendshapes for customising body shape
  • Supports easy customisation with SkinEdit by Markcreator

Upgrading to Longboi v2

If your current project is SDK2, stop! You'll need to use the new SDK3 project provided.

If you're already on SDK3, make sure your SDK is up-to-date before import!

Upgrading your Substance Painter project

Upgrade instructions are now in the Longboi Manual, and the resources are available on the Gumroad downloads page.

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